Bridging the gap between nature & finance

We empower purposeful investments in nature restoration and biodiversity projects.

Launched in 2023.

Enabling cross-sector collaboration in nature restoration 

Great Yellow is an environmental finance consultancy with a mission to facilitate investments into landscape-scale natural capital projects, by unlocking vital funds to restore nature and address climate change. 

Great Yellow serves as the vital link between the finance community & landowners, to engage in collaborative partnerships in nature restoration projects that are ultimately economically, socially & environmentally viable.  

The Importance of Restoring Nature

Momentum is building to restore our vital ecosystems

  • 140

    Financial institutions with £17 trillion of assets pledged to reverse nature loss by 2030

  • £56+ billion

    Private investment required over next ten years to hit the UK's nature restoration targets

  • 5,000 tCO2e

    Emissions reductions that nature-based solutions could deliver by 2030 (in tonnes of C02 equivalent)

Asset 24

Nature Investors

Fund impactful restoration projects run by experienced managers focussed on environmental outcomes

Invest first-hand in nature restoration projects and establish a direct relationship with the on-ground team. We thoroughly vet each project, including meeting managers, visiting sites, and assessing natural capital quality. We ensure our projects deliver substantial landscape improvements across multiple ecosystem services, so you can trust the quality of your investment. And we make your job easier by facilitating project updates and management directly in the platform.

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Land Managers

Deal directly with reputable and high-integrity investors, retaining complete control over your natural capital pipeline

Great Yellow gives you control over your pricing and volume of natural capital units, and visibility into investment demand to enable seamless management and planning of your projects. Our expert curation ensures committed corporate buyers, dedicated to reducing impact on nature, while upholding the highest reputational and reporting standards. Rest assured, we'll find environmentally-focused partners to fuel the future of your business.

Great Yellow's Mission

Time is of the essence to avert a climate and biodiversity catastrophe. We must secure and funnel significant funding toward nature restoration for it to be a part of the solution. Together, we can make a lasting impact for generations to come.

  • GY Trees
    We maximise our impact by grounding it in what each landscape uniquely needs to restore. Finance and technology serve as enablers. But above all, our unwavering commitment is to drive positive change for nature to address the climate and biodiversity crises.
  • GY Science
    Backed by Science
    We collaborate with renowned institutions to inject the latest scientific advancements into our vetting process, ensuring our projects stay aligned to the latest research.
  • GY Funding
    Reliable Funding
    We exist to foster open, fair, and transparent relationships between land managers and investors. Through our clear and simple funding structures, we de-risk the process and lighten the load for both parties, creating a win-win situation.

"We have very little time. If we are to win the climate fight, we must redirect corporate resource, so that instead of destroying our world, it regenerates it on an immense scale."

          - Ed Dick, Co-Founder & CEO of Great Yellow

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